Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Second Place Dish!!

For those of you who know me, you know that I am in 4H and went to State competition yesterday. The competition that I participated in was Chef 4H. The way it is done is similar to a cooking show; you fix a dish to prepare and show the judges how to make it, like Emeril or Rachael Ray. The dish that I had chosen was a Pampered Chef Recipe. It was called Southwestern Chicken Salad. I had made it a couple of times last week to get a feel for it. This recipe calls for Southwestern Spice Mix(I used Mrs. Dash), vegetable oil, sugar, lime juice, cherry tomatoes, chicken(of course), pecans, lettuce, squash, and cucumbers. I marinated the chicken in the oil and spice mix for about 30 minutes. While that was marinating, I mixed the pecans, oil, sugar, and spice mix together.Then, I grilled it for six minutes. Next, I sliced the cucumbers, squash, and tomatoes. After that, I added the veggies to the lettuce and tossed to combine. Then, I sliced the chicken into bite-size pieces. Next, I combined the lime juice, oil, spice mix, and sugar in a jar and shook to mix well. Finally, I put the salad veggies on a plate, then the chicken, then the pecans, and last but not least, i drizzled the dressing over the salad.

It was very delicious. The judges loved it. There was a good bit of the salad left, but within 15 minutes, it was gone. People who had watched wanted some and a few came back for seconds.

God bless. :-)